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WDB Marketing - Agenda Packet 12-21-09.pdf
WDB Agenda -  Dec 16,2009.pdf
WDB Agenda - November 18 ,2009.pdf
WDB Agenda (Revised)- October 28,2009.pdf
WDB Agenda - October 28,2009.pdf
WDB Agenda -  09-30-09.pdf
WDB Agenda -  August 24, 2009.pdf
Agenda - July 22, 2009.pdf
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WDB Agenda -  May 27,2009.pdf
WDB Agenda -  April 22, 2009.pdf
WDB Agenda -  March 25, 2009.pdf
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WDB Agenda -  Jan 28,2009.pdf
Agenda -  October 22, 2008.pdf
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WDB Agenda - Jan 23,2008
September 19, 2007.pdf
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November 28, 2007.pdf

5 Year Plan Agenda - Dec 14, 2009.pdf
5 Yr Plan Agenda - Nov 19, 2009.pdf
092809 5 yr Agenda.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Oct 5, 2009.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Aug 20, 2009.pdf
5 yr Agenda August 17, 2009.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Aug 10, 2009.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Jun 22, 2009.pdf
051809 5 yr Agenda.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - March 30, 2009.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Dec 05, 2008.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Dec 01, 2008.pdf
5 Yr Plan Special Meeting Oct 29,2008.pdf
5yr Plan  Agenda - Oct 20, 2008.pdf
5yr Plan Comm Agenda September 29, 2008.pdf
5yr Plan Comm Agenda Jul 28, 2008.pdf
5yr Plan Comm Agenda Jun 30, 2008

WDB - Budget Agenda, December 9, 2009.pdf
WDB - Budget Meeting- Agenda 11-09-09.pdf
Budget Agenda Oct 12,2009.pdf
Budget Agenda  Sep 14, 2009.pdf
Budget Agenda Aug 24, 2009.pdf
Budget Agenda Jul 22, 2009.pdf
Budget Agenda May 27,2009.pdf
Budget Agenda April 22,2009.pdf
Budget Agenda Mar 25,2009.pdf
Budget Agenda Feb 25,2009.pdf
Budget Agenda Jan 28, 2009.pdf
Agenda  Budget Committee Oct 22,2008.pdf
Budget Agenda September 17,2008.pdf
Budget Agenda August 8, 2008.pdf
Agenda Jan 8, 2008 - Special Budget Meeting.pdf

ETP Agenda  Oct 29,2009.pdf
ETP Agenda- November 23, 2009.pdf
ETP Agenda  Jul 23,2009.pdf
ETP Agenda  Jun 30,2009.pdf
ETP Agenda  Apr 14,2009.pdf
ETP Agenda Feb 24,2009.pdf
ETP Agenda  Jan 29,2009.pdf
ETPC Agenda Dec 4, 2008.pdf
ETP Agenda  Oct 23,2008.pdf
ETP Committee  Agenda - September 25,08.pdf

EXCOM Agenda - December 9,2009.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - Oct 14,09.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - Aug 26,09.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - 08-05-09.pdf
ExCom Agenda August 5,2009.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - Jul 22, 09.pdf
ExCom Agenda & Support Doc 061009.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - 05-27-09 Emergency Meeting.pdf
Executive Committee Meeting Apr 15, 2009.pdf
Executive Committee Meeting Mar 18, 2009.pdf
Executive Committee Meeting Feb11, 2009.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - 01-21-09.pdf
EXCOM Agenda Jan 14,2009.pdf
EXCOM Agenda - 11-12-08.pdf

WDB Marketing - Agenda Packet 11-16-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda Packet 10-12-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda Packet 09-28-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda 06-15-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda 05-20-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda April 20, 2009.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda 03-23-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda 02-18-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda 01-20-09.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda Dec 24,2008.pdf
WDB Marketing - Agenda 11-24-08.pdf

Agenda - Policy Committee - Sep 01, 2009.pdf
Agenda - Policy Committe 12-12-08.pdf
Agenda - Policy Committee - 5-7-08

Youth Council Agenda December 2, 2009.pdf
Youth Council Agenda November 4, 2009.pdf
Youth Council Agenda October 7, 2009.pdf
Youth Council Agenda September 2, 2009 post.pdf
Youth Council Agenda July 1, 2009.pdf
Youth Council Agenda June 3, 2009 post.pdf
Special WIA Youth Council Meeting Agenda.pdf
Youth Council Meeting Agenda Apr 1,2009.pdf
YC Agenda March 4, 2009.pdf
YC Agenda Feb 17, 2009.pdf
YC Agenda Jan 7, 2009.pdf
YC Agenda Dec 3, 2008.pdf
YC Agenda Oct 01,2008.pdf
YC Agenda Aug 6, 2008.pdf
YC Agenda Jul 2, 2008
Youth Council  Agenda 6408.pdf
Youth Council Meeting  April 9, 2008.pdf

Minutes Archives


5 yr  minutes for August 10, 2009.pdf
5 yr  minutes for Jun 22, 2009.pdf
052209 5 yr minutes.pdf
5 yr  minutes for May 18, 2009.pdf
033009 5 yr Min.pdf
111708 5 yr sp mtg.pdf
111308 Spec Mtg 5 Yr Plan.pdf
5 yr Minutes Sep 29,2008.pdf
5YR Minutes August 25,2008.pdf


ETP Minutes for May 28,2009.pdf
ETP Minutes for Jan 29,2009.pdf
ETP Minutes Dec 04, 2008.pdf
ETP Minutes for Sep 25,2008.pdf
ETP minutes August 28,2008.pdf
WDB Budget Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting Jul 07, 2008.pdf
Executive Committee Meeting Jun 25, 2008.pdf

Mktg Minutes 05-20-09.pdf

Policy Committee Jun 11,2008. 10am.pdf
Policy Committee Feb 18, 2008 Noon.pdf
Policy Committee  Feb 11, 2008  Noon.pdf

Youth council Minutes Oct 7 2009.pdf
Youth Council Minutes July 1, 2009.pdf
Special Youth Council Minutes May 21 2009.pdf
Youth Council Minutes June 3 2009.pdf
Youth Council Minutes May 6, 2009.pdf
Youth Council Minutes  March 4, 2009.pdf
Youth Council Minutes  Feb 17, 2009.pdf
Youth Council minutes  Feb 4 2009.pdf
YC Minutes Dec 3, 2008.pdf
YC Minutes Sep 03, 2008.pdf
YC Minutes Jul 2, 2008.pdf
YC Minutes Jun 4, 2008

California Strategic Plan 0709-0610.pdf
LWIA 5 Yr Plan Final 2008-2009.pdf
SD City & Co. LPM 0809.pdf
Draft Budget 2009-2010.pdf
Pilot CNA to LVN.pdf
Pilot Seasonal worker.pdf
Pilot-Ex-Offender At-Risk Youth.pdf
Technical Professional Career College.pdf
Calif Strategic 2 year Plan.pdf
Electronic Request of RFQs.pdf
WIA Local Plan 2008-09 Final.pdf
Local Plan Mod.& Docs 2008-09.pdf
WIA Local Plan Yr 2007-08.pdf
Education Workforce Conference Flyer.pdf
Education Workforce Registration Form.pdf
RFQ Workshop question & answers 3 posting.pdf
RFQ Workshop question & answers 2 posting.pdf
RFQ Workshop question & answers.pdf
REQUEST FOR Qualification - Legal Notice.pdf


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The ICWDB is soliciting Request for Proposals for the following: America's Job Center of California Operator in Imperial County.  Proposals must be submitted at the ICWDB Office by Friday, April 7, 2017, no later than 5:00 p.m.   CLICK HERE to access the Request for Proposal.


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The Imperial County Workforce Development Board (WDB) is pleased to announce the release of its Youth Services Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the 2015-2016 Program Year.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the RFQ.

A copy of the Youth Services RFQ is also available at the America's Job Center located at 2799 S. 4th Street in El Centro, CA.  For additional information please call (442)265-4955 or (442)265-4974.


An interview gives you the opportunity to showcase your qualifications to an employer, so it pays to be well prepared. Click here for some helpful hints.