Movie Star Planet Game Online

So it is hardly surprising why many players are asking themselves just what they are! The primary benefit of being an MSP Judge is not being unable to vote in contests. Meaning you may cast your vote for whoever you think did top in the contest!

Seeking to can be your vote counts as 2 jury member votes! So if you disagree with one of the jury members, your vote counts over theirs. Which make it much more simple for one to select the greatest victor to the Moviestarplanet contest.

And that means you are probably wondering the ultimate way to get judge status? Well here’s how! Judge voting waiting in MSP is given to members who buy VIP to get a total of 180 days.

I think Moviestarplanet does this in an effort to honor the paying members. Having Judge standing will provide you with an edge when voting for your favorites in contests so it’s not difficult to find out why a lot of MSP players need it!

MSP Judge Cheats

A 180 day VIP membership for Moviestarplanet prices about $40 so it is unsurprising a large number of players cannot manage it. This is why we have created helpful moviestarplanet hack tips to show you the simplest way to get a free Star VIP membership for Judge standing MSP and as well as it!

Examine our guide to get the best way to get judge standing and free Star VIP for contests.

Hopefully our moviestarplanet hack tips can help show you the simplest way to get unlock judge standing along with a free VIP membership in MSP! Recall that judges get 2x the voting power of Jury members in contests which means you undoubtedly don’t need to be without it.

Posted on December 10, 2018