Sosmula Goes Berserk

Perhaps you have noticed what every famous psychopath has in common? The person has an eerie laugh. The lovers may argue that sosmula and zillakami are sane and only their music is insane but viewing the bizarre movie of shinners 13 definitely sends chills down one’s spine. Undoubtedly, it has all of the content that any other good rap video does, but it includes more: A bit too much drugs, girls and illicit activities. Rap music has been frequently associated with these components and though it may not be liked by every music lover, nothing provides you an adrenaline rush as to what a rap by sosmula and ZillaKami will.

Can it violate any law?
Coming to the eccentric music video of shinners 13, let us consider Exactly How many laws have been broken in its making:

• Illegal weapon possession;
• Gang affiliation;

• Animal fighting;

• Disturbing the peace;

• Marijuana used for recreational purposes;
• Drug abuse;
• Speeding;
• Theft; and

• 2nd-degree murder.
Have nothing such, but unquestionably sosmula and ZillaKami haven’t shown any hesitation in carrying it to another step.

Technically, raps usually have mentions of gangs or drugs and What not but the audio is where they try to tone down it. Shinners 13 has warranted its lyrics And gives the anger the viewer expects. If music were to be a bad influence on Anyone, many tunes would have already been banned and this particular movie is Only honest to its lyrics.

Posted on January 2, 2019