The transfer of your personnel can be more convenient by hiring our Passenger transport (Reisijate vedu) service.

You can expect the best and also safest travelling for that getaway plan that’s scheduled for him or her of the staff of the business because we know the degree of responsibility that you presume as employers to offer their staff the change in their children throughout vacation occasion.

You can obtain our packages of tailored offers, which vary with regards to the number of buses, hours and a focus you wish.

With only Order a new bus (Bussi tellimine), suggesting what they need we can easily offer the finest service and a spotlight with our transport units, wherever all are effectively conditioned, together with the greatest treatment.

We make certain that all our drivers have enough encounter, for your exchange as calmly as possible inside Estonia as in the particular outskirts, because of the documentation in order and with the devices in best mechanical problem, to avoid challenges in your moves and visits to perform.

If you need to travel overseas in the beloved way, you can contact us and ask for our Passenger transport (Reisijate vedu), which usually guarantees an enjoyable trip without the problem and with the finest safety of excellent drivers, the vehicles using greater ability offer WC being more pleasant your transfer on the outskirts involving Estonia.

If you want to be sure that the company’s top executives will be transferred to in which annual tradition in the very best and most cozy way, simply check the service along with Order the bus (Bussi tellimine), and you will probably get the best support and attention along the way that they must create guaranteeing the going and the return within the best ease and comfort with our models of transportation.

Within our objective and vision of service is the provision of a high quality support, security, punctuality, comfort and ease, reliability, that enables us to offer the best guide of liable service throughout everything, in regards to the transfer of employees in mass privately.

You will find there’s large fleet of vehicles, modern-day, that meet all the requirements of the user, the models are equipped with air-con, microphone, slanting seats with out disturbing the particular passenger operating the back chair, personalized lighting for those who frequent reading about the journey.

Visit us and request your merchandise offer through

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