How To Choose A Survival Bow

A survival bow is an excellent and necessary addition to your collection, especially for those who enjoy going outdoors or venturing into the wilderness. Many people use/own these bows for protection and sport/hunt for food when in the wilderness. As the name suggests, the bow improves your chances of surviving, particularly if you have to spend days or even weeks in the forest. It is for this reason that you need to choose the best bow for the job. Here are a few tips and key things to consider when shopping for the ideal survival bow.

Survival Bow

1. Draw Size
These bows come in all manner of sizes and shapes. You, however, should be worried about the draw size, as this determines how well you can handle the bow and make the perfect shot. The bow with the correct and most snug is what you need to look out for when shopping out for one.

2. Bow Size
The size of the bow matters a lot. The idea here is to stick to a decently-sized bow according to your draw size. As a rule of thumb, only consider bows with at least twice your draw size.

3. Bow Weight
Unless you are an expert, you are better off with a lighter bow, preferably 3 kilos and above. The weight of the bow determines how well you can maneuver when trying to make a kill, and especially on a fast-moving target. A lighter bow means you won’t tire quickly, hence the best choice for rookie or newbie hunters.

4. Versatility
Always go for a flexible bow. The more flexible it is, the better the chances of adjusting it to the best performance. Some of the best bows offer extra correction, snug, and brace peak for unrivaled performance.

These are but some of the critical factors to consider when shopping for a survival bow. Doing a little research on several bows and testing them out before making the purchase is the best way to making a perfect choice.