Comprehensive Protection for People on Medicare

If you are a senior citizen, or know one, then you have probably been asked about Medicare Supplement Plan E. This is an important question for those who are retired and no longer have access to employer-sponsored health insurance. What is the plan? How does it work? Who should get it?

These are all excellent questions. Medicare Supplement Plan E is an important and very useful plan for those who are retired or no longer have employer-sponsored health insurance, but it needs to be mentioned that anyone with access to a 401K should explore this option before going into the purchase of supplemental insurance like Plan E. Why? It’s because most seniors already pay high taxes on their Social Security benefits and don’t need any additional outlay in terms of tax payments.

Medicare Supplement Plan E

Plan E also has many if not more than its sister plans when considering coverage qualifications under Part A (hospitalization), B (medical services) and D (prescription drugs). One thing that might make people choose this particular plan over others is the inclusion of vision/dental coverage.

The plan is quite expensive, but it has its good points that make this particular Medicare Supplement Plan a well-regarded option for seniors who can afford to purchase it. Also, if you are considering Medicare Supplement Plan E, you should know that it is a great investment for those who have high incomes. Because your premium will be higher than others on the same plan, but if you are going to pay anyway either with out-of-pocket expense or by salary deductions through work then why not make this purchase and get something additional in return?